Upcoming Leaders

Last night 20 emerging leaders were recognized by the Times Record News. The inaugural class of “20 under 40” is vital for our Wichita Falls. As leaders of our community tomorrow, they must be encouraged to improve our City in ways their parents and grandparents never thought of.

Each week it is natural to remember and mourn those who have passed away. This award reminds us that we must also mentor those who are upcoming in influence. We need to seek their opinions to gain new perspectives. We need to celebrate and encourage our youth as one of our greatest ecomomic and cultural assets.

The term ‘human capital’ is used frequently to denote the assets of a group of people. If Wichita Falls is to succeed, it must foster our youth as one of our greatest assets. Those who will start businesses here, those who will help non-profits, those who will spend their time making our City a great place to live must be mentored and encouraged.