Through the Years: Wichita Falls Logos

The City of Wichita Falls has had many slogans and logos over the years. The earliest one, perhaps, is “The City That Faith Built.” County historians attribute the slogan to Judge Joseph Barwise in the late 1870s.

In the 1920s, Wichita Falls was known as Factory City. This sign hung across 8th Street near where the Farmers Market is today. (Thank you to Julie Coley for providing this picture!)


I took a trip to the city sign shop to take a look at some of the more recent logos used in Wichita Falls! Browse through!! Which one is your favorite?!

January 1964

According to KFDX Chief Researcher Larry Statser, the City of Wichita Falls adopted the “Top O’ Texas” logo in 1964. The image also incorporates Wichita Willie, who was created in 1963.

Wichita Willie was the city mascot. According to a 1980 newspaper article, he was born in 1963, “When Bob Moore, a city draftsman was killing some time and doodling. Fellow workers salvaged Willie from Moore’s trashcan and submitted Willie to the city manager’s contest to find a fitting symbol for Wichita Falls. Willie helped get a $6.9 million bond passed in 1963.” Willie was also used on signs to let people know about construction and other city projects.

Willie also showed up on water bills! (Name and address has been digitally altered. Found in the Chamber of Commerce archives!)


He was re-introduced for a while in 1980 with a bit of a makeover. (Photo courtesy: Times Record News)

 Mid 1960s-1970s

City Logo in the late 1960s into the 1970s.


This picture is an example of how the logo was used on city vehicles (Photos courtesy: Mark Beauchamp)

1979-Early 1980s

According to Wichita Falls Traffic Superintendent Mark Beauchamp, this logo was designed after the 1979 tornado. It was designed to fit the slogan “The City that Faith Re-Built.”



In 1982, Wichita Falls celebrated its centennial. This was the seal used! 


Mid 1980s-2009


A variation of this logo was used from the mid-1980s until December 2009. The original did not include a waterfall! This particular logo was probably designed sometime after 1987, when “The Falls” were built! (Find out more about the waterfall construction here.)

December 2009


This is the current Wichita Falls city logo! It was unveiled in December 2009 with the Pride in the Falls campaign.


A big thank you again to everyone who helped me dig up this information including Julie Coley, The TRN Staff, Mark Beauchamp, Larry Statser and Jeff Arrington at KFDX, and Sarah Davis. If you can think of (OR have pictures of!) any older logos, be sure to email them to me!!