Third Happiest City in Texas: Wichita Falls

I shared a link to a study on Facebook listing Wichita Falls as the 3rd happiest city in the state, and saw it shared all day long!

The study ranked cities based on:

  1. Restaurants

  2. Crime rate

  3. Commute

  4. Departure time

  5. Income

  6. Divorce rate

  7. Housing

 Here’s a closer look at how Wichita Falls settled out in all of those categories:

  • Restaurants per capita: 1 per 465 inhabitants

  • Odds of being the victim of a violent crime: 1 in 222.1

  • Average commute time: 14.7 minutes

  • Percentage of residents leaving for work before 5 a.m.: 4.8% 

  • Median household income: $44,390

  • Percentage of residents who are divorced: 10.7% of males, 13% of females

  • Percentage of income spent on housing: 20.7%     source

As for me, I’m thrilled that Wichita Falls ranked so high… but i’m certainly not surprised!

(Oh, and by the way… I can personally attest to the fact that there are very few people on the roads before 5 a.m. around Wichita Falls. I was part of that 4.8% when this study was released!)



               Ann Arnold-Ogden