Local Flavor Listings

We’re excited to add a Local Flavor Listing to Choose Wichita Falls!! 

Wichita Falls was recently named one of the happiest cities in Texas. One of the factors was restaurants per capita. According to the study, there’s one restaurant per 465 residents. We’ve got an amazing mix of your favorite chains and incredible locally owned eateries! 

In addition to our Food & Beverage event section, we’re giving you a list of restaurant specials and happy hours. You’ll be able to quickly scan our list of area restaurants and bars to check out their daily specials! And if you own a restaurant, you can easily add your specials to the list! (Just use the form here.)

Feel free to use our list to start exploring area restaurants. Try something new! Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a margarita and queso… and that’s basically same thing.