“I Choose Wichita Falls!”


Ranch life plays a tremendous role in North Texas. This weekend, Cowboy True aims to educate the region about the honor, art, and beauty of the cowboy’s daily life.  The event will feature artists’ work from around the nation including painting, photography, bits, spurs, buckles, jewelry, carvings and more.


One of this weekend’s artists is photographer Jeremy Enlow, whose book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch is receiving recognition across the country. Two weeks ago he learned he’d been awarded first place in Photography/Art in the 2016 Great Southwest Book Festival, and took top honors as “Overall Grand Prize Winner.”


There was one problem…


Enlow told event organizers, “They set the awards ceremony for the evening of April 2 in downtown Los Angeles.  For winning the grand prize, the book festival pays my travel expenses plus a $500 speaker fee at the ceremony. I’d have to leave Wichita Falls Saturday morning in order to make the event but just don’t feel comfortable doing that as I already committed to Cowboy True.  So I will be in Wichita Falls on Friday and all day on Saturday. I choose Wichita Falls!”


When an outsider makes a bold choice like this, it highlights that what we’re doing in Wichita Falls matters. This is such a vibrant community full of tradition, inspiration and adventure. We have every reason to be proud.  It is humbling to have an artist like Enlow recognize the value of this event. 


I hope Cowboy True will be wildly successful for The Forum. I hope the community will not say, “there’s nothing to do this weekend.” That is simply not true. Go out and support these artists. Be sure to thank them for choosing Wichita Falls!