Hotter’N Hell 100: What’s Your Reason to Ride?

Each year the Hotter’N Hell 100, one of the oldest and largest cycling events in the nation, kicks off in Wichita Falls. This ride is not for the faint of heart. Riding 100 miles in (often) 100-degree heat takes some serious stamina! The ride fills our hotels with thousands of visitors, and the community sees some serious benefits from their registration fees.

Over the years, Hotter’N Hell 100 has supported many civic projects including River Bend Nature Center, bike trails, the falls and more. Dozens of agencies also benefit from the ride including Boy Scouts, Children’s Miracle Network, volunteer fire departments and more

Choose Wichita Falls is proud to support Hotter’N Hell 100, because this ride gives so much back to Wichita Falls and the surrounding communities. 

What’s your reason to ride?