Get Outside!!!!

We’ve been blessed with some GORGEOUS weather recently. It’s hard to believe it’s February with the temperatures we’ve been seeing!


Wichita Falls has so many outdoor amenities that you can take advantage of… including 37 parks! The parks range in size from small neighborhood parks to the 258 acres Weeks Park, which includes an 18 hole golf course. With that many ourdoor spaces across Wichita Falls, chances are good there’s a park close to wherever you live! 

You could have a picnic, take a picture by the falls, travel around the Circle Trail, play disc golf or even head out to the City Skate Park or Softball fields. There are lots of outdoor options!


So my question to you.. Where’s your favorite place to spend time outside in Wichita Falls? Get out, soak in some sun and enjoy it while you can… You all know the saying about Texas weather! 

Ann Arnold-Ogden

Community Marketing Director