Fresh Take on Food Coming Soon to Wichita Falls

Coming soon to Wichita Falls: FoxHill Restaurant. The farm-to-table concept is a project of Wichita Falls businessman John Hirschi, who says he often drove by the property on Kemp Boulevard and thought it was the perfect location for this kind of endeavor. Hirschi was exposed to farming and ranching by his father starting at a young age, and has continued growing his own food as an adult.

“I have avoided the use of chemical fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides in my gardens and will avoid their use at FoxHill,” Hirschi says. “Our goal is to produce healthy food to counter unhealthy eating habits resulting in an overweight, diabetes, cancer and heart disease prone citizenry.”

Recently, Hirschi hired an Executive Chef for FoxHill, Dustin Aipperspach, who he says will introduce a new level of culinary talent to Wichita Falls residents.  Aipperspach has been in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years, and has worked with world class chefs in Vail’s resorts and restaurants. He also trained under French Certified Master Chef Andre LeDoux and Master Sushi Chef Atsushi Minami. Dustin later opened his own restaurant Cafe Milano, an upscale casual Italian eatery.

Aipperspach says, “Since selling my restaurant, I have secretly regretted it and have been laying out ground work to become my own boss again. This is a brutally fierce and challenging industry, dog eat dog if you will and teaming up with someone like Mr. Hirschi was a dream come true.”

 Aipperspach believes the restaurant will provide a dining experience unlike any other in North Texas.

“The menus will consist of fresh, seasonal, small batch, artisan dishes driven by what our garden produces and local sustainable, organic (when possible) farmers can provide,” Aipperspach says. “This is a grassroots, slow food movement. We want our guests to partake in the immediacy and excitement of vegetables just from the ground, fruit right off the branch, seafood and meats sustainably procured and raised.”

(Photo provided by: Chef Dustin Aipperspach)

“We want your visit to FoxHill to be much more than just a meal,” Hirschi says. “We hope you will linger in several outdoor settings, read a book or work on your computer.”

 The home on the property was built in 1922 and sits on nearly 8 acres. The land north of the house is currently being plowed and cleared for planting fall and winter gardens. Crews will be breaking ground on the home’s remodel this month, and plans for the future are already being made.  Down the road, Hirschi hopes to have an onsite coffee roaster, bakery and craft brewery. The restaurant also plans to install solar panels for energy, and rainwater collection to irrigate crops.

 If you can’t wait to try this fresh take on fine dining, FoxHill is hosting a few upcoming Prix Fixe meals at the Forum. For additional information on dates and times, call Tyler Sales at (940) 691-6001. Seating is limited.