Event Spotlight: Flix at the Forum

Later this month, Flix at the Forum returns. The series started in the Summer of 2015 with films focused on the oil and ranching industries (Giant, Red River, The Last Picture Show). It continued in the fall with movies based on the mystery of the art heist (Trance, The Thomas Crown Affair, Woman in Gold).

Flix at the Forum returns on January 25th with the Three Colors Trilogy from director Krzysztof Kieslowski. MSU Professor and film facilitator Dr. Brinton Tench Coxe describes them as the last films of a Master coming into his own.

Coxe says, “It’s community, cinema, culture; these things coming together.”

Along with three different movies, the series will feature three different musical non-profits in Wichita Falls. The Vocal Guild, Youth Symphony Orchestra and Wichita Falls Symphony orchestra will be on site to offer more information and insight into each of their organizations.  Coxe says the three films have soundtracks from Kieslowski’s longtime contributor, Zbignew Preisner. He says the films fuse the image with sound to create an emotional and intellectual response.

“Music is universal. I think that this is why this is such a great pairing,” he says.

All films are BYOB for patrons 21 and up.

Coxe says, “If you’re really looking for something that’s not going to be on cable television or Netflix or any of the other streaming channels, what better way to check out great cinema. Bring your favorite bevvie and enjoy.”

After the movie, stay for discussion. Coxe will talk about the film and answer any questions you may have. Coxe says although the films can and do stand on their own, they were meant to be seen as a set, so mark your calendar now.




Monday, January 25th

6 p.m., Free Admission

Featuring: The Wichita Falls Vocal Guild



Monday, February 29th

6 p.m., Free Admission

Featuring: The Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra



Monday, March 28th

6 p.m., Free Admission

Featuring the Youth Symphony Orchestra