Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market

I got to find out first hand the best way to find fresh produce in Wichita Falls: The Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market! Becky Morath of Morath Orchards took me on a tour of their property. I was able to pick (and eat) okra straight from the plant (which by the way has beautiful flowers!!)

From there, the plants are washed and taken straight to the Farmers Market to sell the next day! It’s the shortest, most direct way to get fresh food in Wichita Falls.

Now, those who know me well know i’m a terrible cook… but fresh okra I can (and will) do. Okra is just one fresh vegetable you can pick up at the Farmers Market. Take a look:

Farmers Market Benefits 

1) You know where your food is coming from.

2) You meeting and directly support the people growing it.

3) there are great events every Saturday.

(There’s also a great exercise group for mom’s that meets during the week!!)

 Oh, and by the way…

Aunt Tommie’s Okra Recipe:

Take okra brush with sesame oil (this is the key according to my aunt) and sprinkle with kosher salt.

Line cookie sheet with foil (easy clean up!) and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Check it regularly.

results: Amazing (not slimy) okra!



-Ann Arnold-Ogden