Cool off at Castaway Cove

Growing up in Texas, I’ve been to my fair share of waterparks across the state. Of all the parks I’ve been to (and there are a quite a few on that list) Castaway Cove is by far my favorite. For me, the best part is how fast you can hop on the slides. At bigger parks I spend more time waiting in line rather than making a splash.

Castaway Cove has 6 slides with room for more. The city owns the land surrounding the water park, which means more fun can be added over time. This year they added Pirate’s Plunge, which drops you nearly 40 feet up before sending you twisting through a loop. If you’re not a thrill seeker, soak in some sun on Nellie’s Rolling River or catch a wave at Shipwreck Beach.




Right now, admission is 14.99 after 4PM. Starting Monday, August 10th, select Sonic Drive-Ins will have coupons for Castaway Cove.

(Also, I’ve been told you should keep your eye out on the website and Facebook for specials!!!)



P.S. Just this week, Castaway Cove was awarded the Highest Safety Rating from Starfish Aquatics Institute. Congrats to Castaway Cove Waterpark!







             -Ann Arnold-Ogden