Community & Economic Resources

Wichita Falls, TX is a city of opportunity for residents and business owners who understand the value of hard work and want to shape their own success. Our workforce is our greatest strength!

The State of Texas is continually ranked at the top by corporate executives and site selection professionals for places to do business. This fact is due in large part, to the state’s pro-business attitude, consistent regulatory laws, low cost of operations and a small government attitude.

In 1997, citizens of the City of Wichita Falls voted to add an additional one cent to the existing sales and use tax thus bringing the total to 8.25 (state and local combined). These additional sales and use tax revenue is used by the City of Wichita Falls to reduce residential property taxes, for community development and quality of life initiatives, and to promote economic development activities that facilitate the creation of new jobs and increased tax base.

Our community is a place to enjoy safe neighborhoods, participate in civic activities and maintain a high quality of life. You can become a part of Wichita Falls’ vibrant future and take pride in a place many others have chosen to call home.

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