More Reasons to ❤ Wichita Falls!!

Jan 11, 2017

We love celebrating Wichita Falls, but we love it even more when other people recognize our community. Below are a list of honors Wichita Falls received in 2016.   We’ll be celebrating the recognition on our website banner using residents who CHOOSE Wichita Falls! Keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces, we’ll be switching them…

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Explore Lake Arrowhead State Park

May 17, 2016

Explore Lake Arrowhead State Park Lake Arrowhead State Park is an amazing place with more than 500 acres to explore! When the weather is nice, you’ll find plenty of boats out in the water. The park also provides fishing, swimming, hiking, disc golf and so much more!!  It’s only a few miles away from Downtown…

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Third Happiest City in Texas: Wichita Falls

Oct 6, 2015

I shared a link to a study on Facebook listing Wichita Falls as the 3rd happiest city in the state, and saw it shared all day long! The study ranked cities based on: Restaurants Crime rate Commute Departure time Income Divorce rate Housing  Here’s a closer look at how Wichita Falls settled out in all of…

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Numbers are good for Wichita Falls.

Jul 15, 2012

According to Chicago MarketWatch, Wichita Falls is ranked number 2 in the nation to see home values appreciate. Markets expected to perform the best in the next year are 1) Bismark, N.D. 2) Wichita Falls, Tx, and 3) Buffalo/Niagra Falls, NY. Additionally, Wichita Falls was ranked #17 in the nation for low cost of living.…

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