Best Places to Bike in Wichita Falls

Are you training for the Hotter’N Hell 100? Maybe you’re just sticking with that New Years resolution! If you’re looking for somewhere other than your neighborhood to ride your bike, look no further. Sandy Fleming with Streams & Valleys sat down with us to share her tips on the best places to take the bike for a spin in Wichita Falls.



Fleming says the best part of the Circle Trail is that there are no cars. She adds, “There are only 2 road crossings, making it the safest place to ride in town.” You can knock out 14 miles on the continuous section of the trail from Lucy to Lake Wichita Park 

Find an entrance near you here. 


 2) Wee-Chi-Tah Trail

The Wee-chi-tah Trail is an award-winning, urban mountain biking and running trail. The 13-mile off-road trail starts at Berend’s Landing (by the Wee-Chi-Tah Sculpture,) and travels west along the north side of the Wichita River into the Lucy Park area.

“This is great for mountain biking, hiking, walking, geocaching and bird watching. It’s the wilderness in the middle of the city,” Fleming says. 

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“This is one of the only places nearby to get training for hills. It’s on a rural road with low traffic, making it perfect for cyclists,” according to Fleming. She recommends parking at the Bill Bartley YMCA, heading south on Stone Lake Dr, making a left onto W Rathgeber Rd for a little under 4 miles and the road will turn left becoming Hammon Rd. Turn left at Windthorst and right on McKinney then right on the service road and back for a really good calf workout!




The Wichita Valley Rail-Trail travels from the southwestern end of Wichita Falls to the eastern edge of Holliday, spanning a travel of seven miles. The trail was once part of the Wichita Valley Railway. This trail should be reserved for mountain bikes because of the gravel surface.

“This trail goes through farm land and you can see all kinds of animals. You might see deer, hear coyotes in the distance. You feel like you’re the only person around for miles. 

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A great place for frisbee golf, jogging and biking! This is a great place to get in a more casual, perhaps family ride.

Fleming says, “You can get on some of the Circle Trail, but you can also ride circles the park to go see the ducks or have a picnic.”


Remember: be careful while riding your bicycle! Here’s a link to Texas bike laws. There are plenty of ways to get involved in the local cycling community!! The bike shops in Wichita Falls are GREAT resources to find events and groups. You can also check out the Wichita Falls Bicycling Club


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