6 Reasons Why the Hotter’N Hell 100 is not just for Cyclists

6 Reasons Why the Hotter’N Hell 100 is not just for Cyclists


This summer, thousands of cyclists from across the world will descend upon Wichita Falls for the Annual Hotter’N Hell 100! This event puts Wichita Falls in the national spotlight. Hotter’N Hell Hundred started as a centennial celebration for our city in 1982. According to organizers, it remains the largest single day 100-mile bicycle ride in the nation and one of the largest in the world.


But this event is not just for cyclists!! From August 24 through August 27, there are events that EVERYONE can enjoy. In fact, if you are a local who hasn’t experienced this event, I encourage to change that this year. Here are 6 reasons why Hotter’N Hell 100 is not just for cyclists.


6. Spaghetti Dinner & Breakfast

Guys, food. I don’t think I need to say more. But I will… on Friday night starting at 5:30 p.m. you get all-you-can-eat spaghetti for $10. Sure, the carbo-load is meant for those extreme athletes taking part in the ride, but no one has to know you’re not a super elite athlete. Plus, the money benefits scholarship programs of the North Texas Restaurant Association. So you’re getting a good meal and helping people. It’s win-win. Additionally, you can grab a hearty breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage Saturday morning for $9 per person. 


5. Consumer Show

Over 90 vendors are selling their wares this year at the Consumer Show at MPEC. And if you’re not riding, the best time to go… is DURING THE RIDE! 12,000 people are on the road making their way across Wichita County, leaving you to shop til you drop. You’ll be able to browse some of the latest cycling and running products, plus a whole lot more. Fun fact: Did you know Camelbak was invented at Hotter’N Hell? True story. So grab your wallet and shop to your heart’s content! Surely you’ve got an impossible-to-shop-for outdoor enthusiast in the family. Grab their Christmas present at Hotter’N Hell!


4.  Trail Runs

I said it wasn’t just for cyclists. Runners have a place at the trail runs! This town is full of runners! Why not participate in the Trail Run It starts at 7 AM on the Sunday after the ride at the Ag Barn. Proceeds will fund Streams and Valleys for Wee-Chi-Tah trail improvements.


3. Criterium Racing

Or as organizers like to call it, NASCAR on bikes. This is a spectator sport for most of us, because the people that participate in the “crit” are professional riders. These are fast, fast cyclists. If you want to check out these great races, you can watch from the MPEC parking lot and the East steps of the Coliseum. Seriously, check out the video below. 


2. Finish Line Village

The festival at Finish Line Village is amazing. Great bands, great food, great people watching. It’s free and you don’t have participate in the ride. In fact, slap on a bike jersey, walk around barefoot and no one will know you didn’t. 


1. Overall Experience

As I mentioned earlier, upwards of 10-thousand people will be in Wichita Falls for this event, and they come from all over the world. As a cub reporter covering my first HH100, I interviewed someone from Australia! You will not find finer people watching anywhere else in Wichita Falls. I have it on good authority that Matthew McConaughey participated one year. (I repeat, Matthew McConaughey. This is not a drill.) Rumour has it Sammy Hagar has ridden as well, but I can’t confirm that for sure. Famous cyclists routinely take part in this event.  Why would you want to miss potentially seeing celebrities?! Alright, alright. But in all seriousness, the atmosphere is amazing, you’re surrounded by people from all over the world and everyone is having a good time. 


Look I get it, you think traffic and parking will be a nightmare (it won’t), or that it’s impossible to access downtown (it isn’t). This event is something every resident of Wichita Falls can take pride in. It takes hundreds of local volunteers to make the upcoming weekend possible, and dozens of area charities benefit from this weekend of cycling.


So even if your bike is in the shop, or you don’t even own one (I promise, I won’t rat you out) come be part of this amazing weekend in Wichita Falls!