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KILLDEVIL in concert with LEDDIT RIDE opening!

Price: Contact the Pub at 940-767-9488

KILLDEVIL in concert with LEDDIT RIDE opening!


If you remember the days when MTV played music, the Headbangers Ball, when the Sunset Strip ruled the Metal world, Circus magazine, Big Hair and blazing guitar riffs, then KILLDEVIL is the band for you.

About The Iron Horse Pub

The Iron Horse Pub is more than just the city’s only authentic Irish-American pub. Since opening in September 2000, the Pub has presented thousands of musical acts and has become the standard for live music and nightlife in North Texas.


The Pub’s atmosphere of warm personal service, dedication to booking high-quality local, regional and national musical acts, and impressive inventory of domestic and international beers have all added up to thousands of memorable nights for Pub customers and a rock-solid reputation for delivering top-flight entertainment in a friendly and safe environment.

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